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I’ve always felt that I don’t have a craft. I would be jealous of athletes, musicians, or programmers who knew from early on what they were about. I never knew, and it bothered me deeply. I felt deficient and unprotected from the chaos of the world.

So I decided to choose and commit to my craft. It’s called A VOICE THAT RESONATES. The phrase comes from Kapil Gupta, and this video of his encapsulates my quest.

I believe a VOICE THAT RESONATES to be the key to success in all dimensions of life. My achievements result from my ability to resonate with myself and my failures from lacking them. My resonance with other people stems from my resonance with myself.

The Game Master is a publication committed to crafting and refining a VOICE THAT RESONATES for achieving absolute personal mastery. Resonance is the ability to craft beliefs, skills, traits, systems, and tools that allow me to live the life I want.

As my rich dad Alex Hormozi says:

So whatever you and I want most is on the other side of intentions, goals, and beliefs that resonate with our deeper selves. If you read one post per month, year, or day, let these thoughts guide you toward your resonance. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

Thank you,

Mariyam, aka Nafis

*The Game Master was The Daily Memo before and started out as mariyam.blog

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